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Nicaragua: Winning photos raise awareness about poverty housing issues

October 19, 2010




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The exposition, “Health and Housing” and “Better City, Better Life”, is a joint initiative of Habitat for Humanity Nicaragua and UN-HABITAT to raise awareness about the reality of poverty housing on a national level. One winning photograph was selected for each category, as well as 10 photos to be displayed in the exposition. The images invite reflection upon the current state of human settlements—towns and cities—of Nicaragua. The aim of the exposition is to capture a view of housing that goes beyond criticism and shows the advances and transformations that affect the quality of life for Nicaraguans. Within topic of the right to healthy, adequate housing, the exposition also aims to highlight the individual and collective responsibility we share to transform the present, and to model a better future.

The contest was open to both amateur and professional photographers. The process of selecting the winning photographs was performed by a panel of judges including Thomas Stargarter, photography director for La Prensa, Nicolas Blázquez, Director of the French Alliance in Nicaragua, Mrs. Vivian Endara of UN-HABITAT and Frank Matus Aguirre, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Nicaragua.

Of the 60 photographs received, 12 were selected, based both on their artistic value as well as the message they contained. All of the selected images represent specific situations in the different regions of the country.

The winning photographs pertain to:

  • Mauricio Peñalba with 2 photographs: “Woman and Fire” and “The Child in the North”
  • Elena de Sojo with 2 photographs: “Building the Future” and “Tin Can Wall”
  • Luisemilia Siu with 2 photographs: “Dirty Water” y “Fresh Water Bath”
  • Silvio Balladares: “Working in the Market”
  • Giselle Aleman: “View”
  • Jonathan Huete: “Desolation”
  • Julio Moreno: “Mirror of Murky Water”
  • Manuel Esquivel: “A Better Future”
  • Rubén Fariña: “Where One Fits, Two Fit”

The winning photograph in the category, “Health and Housing” was “Woman and Fire” by Mauricio Peñalba, which was selected for its photographic quality and strength by which it communicated the contamination of air inside the home that is caused by indoor cooking fires, and puts families at risk of respiratory illnesses and other painful infections.

The winning photograph in the category, “Better City, Better Life” was “Building the Future” by Elena de Sojo. In addition to its exquisite photographic quality, it evokes a sense of team work and the need for new ways of working in partnership for a better Nicaragua.

What is the schedule of the exposition?

7-10 October: Galerías St. Domingo
11-16 October: Alianza Francesa Managua
21 October: Asamblea Nacional en celebración al 65 aniversario de las Naciones Unidas
22-25 October: Casa de los Tres Mundo, Granada
26-31 October: Alianza Francesa León

For more Information about Habitat for Humanity Nicaragua’s programs, you can find them at and Facebook: Habitat for Humanity Nicaragua.