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Hands that build hope

November 23, 2010

By Rafael Vargas




Solidarity is an issue that goes beyond compassion. It is extending our hands with the certainty that our support, whatever it may be, will make a difference in the life of another.

On December 5, this is the premise that International Volunteer Day inspires around the world.

At Habitat for Humanity Costa Rica, we are a living example of what volunteerism can do for the lives of others. Each of our projects have an important doses of volunteerism, whether through national businesses that support us with employee volunteer hours, or through international work teams, community members or groups of friends and strangers that sign up through the internet and donate their time so that someone else can have an adequate place to live.

Solidarity, the inspiration for volunteering, is a vital ingredient for peace. Today, as we face division and imbalance as common backdrops of our existence, we need to strengthen our sense of solidarity and go from discourse to action. We are called to live the experience of service, of support and to forge, with an effort that can be brief but significant, a different life for a family, and through that serve society as a whole. It is up to us to make the choice and to offer a hand in solidarity so that the housing that exists in every neighborhood, city and country is more and more dignified, for each and every human being.

When we celebrate this World Habitat Day, let’s reflect upon how much we are contributing to make this world a better and more equal place, where our volunteer support helps to build new opportunities and a better life for others.

Rafael Vargas is the National Director of Habitat for Humanity Costa Rica.