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Costa Rica: Online auction bears fruit

November 23, 2010




Habitat for Humanity Costa Rica’s recently launched “ciber auction” has brought together local youth and many Costa Ricans willing to donate a little piece of themselves for a good cause. The auction bore its first fruits last month, raising enough funds to sponsor a house.

The partner family, Lidieth and her two small children, had spent the previous four years living in a small patio garden of an aunt in Barranca, Puntarenas with restricted access to basic services.

The inauguration of the new home took place in September, thanks to the 1,946 people who donated online through the auction’s Facebook site.

With no profession and no property of her own, Lidieth tries to carry her family forward on only US$150 a month. She earns this money selling pastries and empanadas in the rough streets of port towns. To aggravate her situation, she has restrictions for accessing credit because her husband had taken out a loan years before that he never returned, affecting Lidieth’s credit record as well.

A friend of Lidieth and Habitat partner spoke to her about her experience and suggested that she visit Habitat for Humanity’s offices in Puntarenas. The result of her visit was the eventual Access to an adequate home of her own, thanks to the generosity of everyone who gave a small piece of themselves during the online auction.

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