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Itaú Bank employees volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Brazil

November 30, 2010

By Vanessa Teramoto Higa






Last Saturday, 150 volunteers from Itaú Bank filed into the Valley of Flowers (Jardim Vale das Flores) in Taboão da Serra in Sao Paulo Brazil, geared up to spend the day supporting the home improvement project, “Tidying up the house.”

The volunteers conducted 31 housing improvements, helped revitalize two public spaces and organized recreational activities with local children. The day was possible thanks to the shared efforts of Habitat for Humanity Brazil, Itaú Bank trainees, Projeto Arrastão and the Association of Residents of Jardim Vale das Flores. The trainees from Itaú Bank were the main mobilizing force behind the event.

The group of trainees had received support, instruction and supervision from the Itaú Social Foundation. Growing out of their work with the Foundation, the young talents inspired and mobilized other bank employees, managed volunteer recruitment and raised funds for the purchase of materials that would be used in the home improvements.

Projeto Arrastão, a local partner of Habitat for Humanity Brazil, gained the support of the Taboão government, including tools and materials to revitalize public spaces in Jardim Vale dos Flores. The Project also mobilized its network of youth educators to support the recreational activities.

The Association of Residents of Jardim Vale das Flores mobilized their local community, identified the families’ needs, inspired local vendors to donate construction materials, and organized local construction supervisors of the 31 home improvement projects to accompany and guide the volunteers.

Habitat for Humanity Brazil was responsible for managing the housing improvement project, personalizing the services provided to each family, orienting the construction supervisors, mobilizing volunteer architects to provide technical support and coordinating the day’s activities with each partner involved.

Throughout the day, the volunteers supported construction activities by plastering, waterproofing and painting external walls, and also had time to share with the local children. The community members and the volunteers agreed, it was a Saturday uniquely spent, interacting with others and learning a little of each other’s story.

In addition, 31 families of Jardim Vale dos Flores will now enjoy healthier housing and a better quality of life.

Itaú Bank is one of the largest multinational banks in the Southern Hemisphere, with a market value among the 20 largest financial institutions in the world.

Vanessa Teramoto Higa is the Corporate Relations and Communications Coordinator with Habitat for Humanity Brazil.