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Habitat for Humanity reaches 100 houses in Guatemala City

December 1, 2010




As International Volunteer Day approaches, Habitat for Humanity Guatemala celebrates its 100th house built in Guatemala City, joining the almost 34,000 housing solutions that the organization has provided on a national level. This achievement is possible thanks to the efforts of national and international volunteers.

The construction of House 100 in the capital involved the support of students and teachers from the American School of Guatemala. The volunteers, with much energy and enthusiasm, helped Habitat partner Sandra Guadalupe Santos and her family to be able to move into their new home before the New Year was upon them.

Volunteering is a concrete way that we can invite local government, businesses, social organizations, academics and the public in general to be part of the solution, building houses with people who have limited economic resources and aspire to have an adequate house of their own.

About Habitat for Humanity Guatemala
Habitat for Humanity Guatemala works to facilitate access to adequate housing for low-income families, by uniting with people of all walks of life and regardless of religion, political affiliation, class, race, etc., offering credit for home construction or improvement.

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