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Credit Suisse builds with Habitat for Humanity Colombia

July 1, 2011

Volunteers from Credit Suisse Colombia organize their first team to build in Sucre, Soacha. The company has donated US$8,500 to Habitat for Humanity Colombia to help the Días Ruiz family to build an adequate home.




BOGOTÁ, Colombia (July 1, 2011)
– Last month, staff members from Credit Suisse Colombia got together to build in Ciudadela Sucre, together with Habitat for Humanity Colombia and the Orden Hospitalaria San Juan de Dios. The international company has donated US$8,500 to help the Días Ruiz family achieve their dream of adequate housing.

Félix Díaz and his wife, Maria Esther Ruiz, have three lively sons: Carlos, 14; Ronal, 9; and Nixon, 7. The family lives in Ciudadela Sucre, a neighborhood of Soacha on the southwestern border of Bogotá. With a monthly salary of less than US$300 a month, the family lacks the economic resources to satisfy their basic needs.

For the Credit Suisse volunteers, work began at 9:00 a.m., with the energy and enthusiasm of teamwork. Each volunteer had a different job to do. Some helped paint, others plastered walls or prepared concrete for the kitchen floor.

Although some volunteers admitted that they had no prior construction experience, they were excited to be learning new skills to help serve those in need. “With our hearts, our willingness and our awe, we are here to represent Credit Suisse,” said one volunteer.

“This amazing work team has helped build hope through their solidarity,” says Paola Mora, Communications Coordinator with Habitat for Humanity Colombia. “They have helped change the Ruiz family’s life, who will soon enjoy a three-bedroom house with a dining room, kitchen and bathroom.”

“Before, we only had one room to sleep and cook,” said Díaz. “The bathroom was outside, and we had a lot of health and safety issues. But thanks to you all, my family and I are filled with gratitude and ask that God will bless you wisdom, health and abundant blessings in each of your homes.”

The day came to a close at 3:30pm, when paint brushes and shovels were put away and the team had time to share stories with the Ruiz and other families about the experience of working together for a cause.

“This has been a wonderful experience,” said Diana Villarte. “It helps us to value what we have. We complain about silly things, and to see this reality shows us that we are fortunate; it helps me as a person. By helping others, we are able to see things from another point of view.”

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