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Línea Sur Rionegro relief effort

August 10, 2011

Habitat for Humanity Argentina mobilizes to evaluate and reduce the effects of volcanic ash from a recent eruption of the Puyehue Volcano, located just across the border in Rio Bueno, Chile.






BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (August 10, 2011)
– The Puyehue Volcano located in Chile began erupting on June 3, 2011.One of the parts most heavily affected by the ashes has been the area known as Línea Sur in the province of Rio Negro, Argentina. Most affected were the towns running from Los Menucos to Ingeniero Jacobacci.

Habitat for Humanity Argentina began monitoring the situation in early June, and by early July had dispatched a response team of volunteers to the town of Ingeniero Jacobacci.

The response team’s mission was carried out in two phases. First, they evaluated the damage and needs of the affected communities leading up to Ingeniero Jacobacci.

Secondly, using the evaluation proposed and executed a project that would allow for the most effective intervention in the area.

Until July 18, the team helped reduce the effects of volcanic ash in three neighborhoods on the periphery of Ingeniero Jacobacci: El Faldeo, Estadio, and Ceferino. They also relieved a 30 kilometer settlement known as Atraico.

The team was able to resolve some of the effects of the ashes. Preventative measures to stop ash from further seeping in were taken on 38 homes, including the sealing of apertures, windows, and grates with materials such as expanding polyurethane, duct tape, draught excluders, and plastic nylon.

Habitat for Humanity Argentina would like to thank the following donors for their contributions, which made this mission possible. Jerónimo, Sofía, y Olivia Velez US$120, Vanina Negri and Martín Rimoldi US$315 and 3M donated US$100 in masks and protective gloves.

The Habitat volunteers involved in the initiative also deserve a huge thank you for their time and efforts. They are Ana Della Bella (content production), Vanina Negri (transportation contact), Mariana Lipori (production of cartographic information), Juan Aversa y Susana Ryder (training), Alejandro Ormeño and Paulina Tovillas.

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