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Costa Rica celebrates 15 years of serving low-income families

October 10, 2011

Since 1996, Habitat for Humanity Costa Rica has worked to help families in need to access permanent, adequate housing.




SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica (October 10, 2011)
– This year, Habitat for Humanity Costa Rica celebrated its 15th anniversary, reflecting on the significant paths the organization has traveled and, above all, its firm commitment to helping families in need to access permanent, adequate housing solutions. Habitat Costa Rica was born in the late eighties, when community leaders and organizations sought out Habitat for Humanity International to explore the possibility to helping Costa Rican families to build their homes.

By the mid-nineties, and when the country had a qualitative housing deficit of 35 percent, a Habitat for Humanity office officially opened its doors in Costa Rica.

Thanks to the collaboration of a group of San Ramón de Alajuela residents, in 1996 the organization that is today known as “Asociación Cristiana Habitacional para la Humanidad de Costa Rica (Habitat for Humanity Costa Rica) was officially registered.

Since then, the organization has focused on raising funds, both at a local and international level, to support housing construction in diverse areas of the country, particularly in rural zones where the cost of land allows for a more efficient support to the families served.

The anniversary arrives at a moment of maturity for the organization and with that, new perspectives that have allowed Habitat Costa Rica to achieve a greater awareness around the cause of adequate housing and to provide more directed efforts to position itself nationally in a way that Costa Ricans, one by one and according to their abilities, will support Habitat’s efforts.

Throughout the last 15 years of working for the needs of low-income families, Habitat for Humanity Costa Rica has built 1,450 houses and provided more than 300 home improvement loans, formed several strategic partnerships, and built a foundation that includes four regional offices throughout the country – results which demonstrate the dedicated efforts that the organization has carried out to date.

About Habitat for Humanity Latin America and the Caribbean
Habitat for Humanity first opened its doors in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) in 1979, and has since helped more than 100,000 low-income families to access adequate housing in the region. Headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica, the Latin America and Caribbean regional office coordinates the efforts of 16 national organizations, as well as unique partnerships throughout the region. For more information, visit

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