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Habitat for Humanity volunteers to build houses during Lent

San Jose, Costa Rica (March 3, 2014) — More than 1.500 volunteers from Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States will dedicate this period of Lent (which begins on March 5th) to build houses for people in need.

Thanks to Habitat for Humanity, a global, non-profit, non-governmental organization, these volunteers from different religious denominations will unite to put into practice their faith, during this period used as preparation for Easter.

The Lent Build provides an opportunity for congregations to join Habitat for Humanity in 40 days of prayer, service, and sacrifice: “This is an opportunity to set aside differences and focus on what’s important. Regardless of which church we attend, regardless of how we worship, we have an obligation to build God’s kingdom here on Earth. This is a tangible way to join with others and put our faith into action”, said Steve Little, Public Awareness director for Latin America and the Caribbean.

In Argentina, for example, volunteers of Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Jewish and Baptist denominations will build and improve houses in the capital, Buenos Aires. In Trinidad and Tobago, 1.000 volunteers from different denominations will form a Circle of Hope around a park in the capital, Port of Spain, and petition the government to promote access to housing.

Habitat for Humanity offices in Paraguay, Mexico, El Salvador and the United States (Miami, Florida) have also organized different building and public awareness activities, centered around the importance of adequate housing as a foundation for breaking the circle of poverty.

If you live in one of these countries and are interested in participating, please contact your local Habitat for Humanity office.

About Habitat for Humanity International
Habitat for Humanity International’s vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Anchored by the conviction that housing provides a critical foundation for breaking the cycle of poverty, Habitat has helped more than 4 million people (750,000 in Latin America and the Caribbean) construct, rehabilitate or preserve homes since 1976.
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