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Church Relations




Congregations of all sizes can partner with Habitat for Humanity in a variety of ways. That partnership works best when we can help your church carry out its goals for ministry. Volunteering on the job site and on committees is one way to help. Another way is to raise awareness of the need for adequate housing.

What is God calling your church to do?
Consider these possibilities:


  • Without the continuing prayers of millions of people, Habitat’s work could not continue.

Build strength and unity within your congregation as you work toward the common goal of helping others.

  • Organize volunteers for a house that your congregation funds or helps fund.
  • Join volunteer teams who are working on special church builds around the world.
  • Organize a Global Village team to build houses and hope in another country or community.
  • Serve on local Habitat committees. Individuals are always needed to help with acquiring land, finding and selecting qualified homeowner applicants, nurturing family partners, recruiting church support and more.
  • Engage and educate your community in poverty housing issues.

Support Habitat financially

  • Find the national Habitat organization in your country, and contact them to find out how your church can partner in the ministry of adequate housing in your community
  • Encourage your congregation to include Habitat for Humanity in its mission work.
  • Provide in-kind goods and services. (For example, a plumber in your congregation might volunteer to do the plumbing work on a Habitat house.)
  • Raise funds to build all or part of a house. A congregation may sponsor a house individually or join with another congregation to raise the money to build a house together.
  • Tithe. Set aside one-tenth of regular donations for local Habitat projects. The tithe funds can be used to build Habitat houses in other countries or in your community.
  • Make an online donation to a Habitat for Humanity project.

Continue to be a voice for those in need, even after construction is complete.

  • Host speakers on housing issues (such as a representative from your local Habitat affiliate) to raise awareness of the need for adequate housing).
  • Make the commitment to become an advocate for housing. Write letters to editors and politicians and speak out about the positive experiences your church has had building houses. Communicate with legislators and other community services groups.
  • Bring the Habitat message to children by using “Under Construction”, a Vacation Bible School curriculum that incorporates Habitat for Humanity in its theme.
  • more information, visit the Habitat for Humanity International Church Relations pages or contact Flora Calderon.