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Corporate and Foundations involvement




Habitat for Humanity invites companies, corporations, and foundations to join its global mission of eliminating poverty housing. A growing number of Habitat’s corporate and foundation partners build with the organization or invest resources into creating simple, decent and affordable homes where they are sorely needed.

Partnering with Habitat gives corporations and foundations a laudable and visible social responsibility project. It is a chance to show that our partners aim for more—an opportunity to give back to the community they work in and see tangible results. Habitat offers partners prominent public exposure as well as successful team building with a positive impact on their employee’s morale.

Why Habitat

  • With more than three decades of global coverage, it has served more than 500,000 low-income families with affordable housing solutions. More than 120,000 of these families reside in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Its innovative programs span the scope of global housing needs, from financial training to micro-loans, home construction and repair, healthy housing education, ecological solutions and more.
  • It annually mobilizes more than 600 international volunteer teams on build sites worldwide.

Why Latin America and the Caribbean

  • The region’s proximity to the United States makes it an ideal and cost-effective partner for U.S.-based businesses that wish to include overseas volunteer opportunities.
  • Urban improvement projects make one-day volunteer trips possible for locally-based branches.
  • Disaster risk mitigation programs in many countries provide an additional opportunity to contribute to the long-term wellbeing of communities the corporate branches that serve them.

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Please contact us for information about how your company can be a partner in the mission for adequate housing.