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International Youth Day

“Young people are a wellspring of ideas for innovation. They are today’s thinkers, problem-solvers and catalysts for peace”   Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General

Join Habitat for Humanity in the International Youth Day celebration

International Youth Day / Habitat for Humanity Latin America and the Caribbean


Half the world’s population is 25 years or younger. The problems they face are enormous. Young people are a source of innovative ideas; they are today´s thinkers, problem solvers and also accelerate the achievement of peace. They are often the most fervent defenders of justice and dignity in the world. At Habitat for Humanity we recognize the great potential that young people have to promote universal access to adequate housing to break the cycle of poverty.

When we promote universal access to adequate housing, we hope to change the systems that limit housing opportunities for low-income families, and to ensure that affordable housing is a reality for all. We draw attention to the need to improve housing conditions around the world. 

1.6 billion people in the world live in inadequate housing, one billion of those living in informal settlements. 

For 2030, it is expected 2 billion people living in slums and marginalized neighborhoods.


International Youth Day 2013: ‘What will you build’

International Youth Day 2013 is meant to call attention to the critical role of housing to break the cycle of poverty. We will conduct a series of special activities simultaneously in 8 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to highlight the need for safe and affordable housing. Through these events, we will raise our collective voice, taking action to change systems, policies and attitudes that cause inadequate housing, involving partners in the solutions.

Ways to get involved: 

1. Join the Habitat for Humanity organization in your country to celebrate International Youth Day 2013.

2. On this day, we will arise and leverage our collective voice to encourage the world to help improve access to housing worldwide.