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A “New Sunrise” for María Concepción Domínguez



María Concepción Domínguez, at 79 years, is a single, widowed mother. She was blessed with 13 children, of which three remain living. María lost the other ten, all between the ages of 3 and 10 years, due to illnesses that are common to families living in inadequate housing conditions in this area of Honduras. Raising her children was hard, says María, working arduous hours as a hired farm hand to earn enough to live.

María currently lives with her 18-year old grandson, Joel, and sells firewood to earn money for the household. For 15 years, she lived on the bank of the Ganso river, with her house in constant threat of flooding. In October of 2008, a tropical storm carried away her small home, leaving María with nothing. It was the 16th tropical storm that she had been through.

María suffers from breast cancer, but she says she has new hope. “I never imagined that one day I would have a real house. I’ve never had a house; only shacks”, she says. “This is why I ask God every day for the strength to go to work in the project, doing whatever I can, even if it’s just to bring water to the masons.”

The Habitat for Humanity Honduras project in which María is participating, called Nuevo Amanecer, or “New Sunrise”, serves nine families affected by the 2008 tropical storm, which affected several communities across the country. Among those affected, the project prioritized nine families in the Ajuterique municipality, who had been most severely affected, suffered from extremely vulnerable economic conditions, and had lost their home and livelihood as a result of the storm.

The project is possible thanks to partnerships with the central government of Honduras, channeling resources through the Ministry of Transportation, Housing and Public Works (SOPTRAVI) and the Board of Housing and Urbanization. The project also partners with the Municipality of Ajuterique and the nine identified families, who in addition to receiving training in the co-management of the project also assist in the construction of their own homes.

Nine low-income families who previously lived daily in extreme conditions of vulnerability will be able to enjoy a safe, secure house – and the opportunity to live and grow into all that God intends