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Make your world a home
In this institutional video for the Latin America and Caribbean region, we talk about housing as the “matrix” of the struggle against poverty in our communities, and the starting point for resolving many of these challenges.



Patty’s trip to Haiti
Patty de Arcia, a “regular” girl from El Salvador, packed her bags to travel to Haiti. What did she do there? Whatever was required to help families in need of decent housing. How did she do it? By raising funds from friends, family, colleagues and strangers.



Costa Rica: Two photo stories
At Habitat for Humanity, we share a simple, yet extraordinary mission. Each day we are moved by the brave and tireless people whose lives have changed as a result of this mission. These are two stories that inspire us to continue.



World Habitat Day

This slideshow merely scratches the surface of the tremendous efforts by Habitat’s national organizations and partners across the region to raise a unified voice in defense of equal access to adequate housing in recognition of World Habitat Day.


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