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Volunteer stories

We are all neighbors

Mello had never seen snow in his life. He felt intrigued by Alaskan landscapes and frozen white deserts. Most of all, he felt the need to show that no matter where you live or where you come from, we are all neighbors. We all share needs and dreams. So, Mauricio decided to go to the farthest and most different place he could imagine.




The Habitat “feeling” is about providing hope
Mara Wischnewski had always wanted to do something for others. She studied architecture with the goal of “making dreams come true.” For a while, she says, her goal seemed lost on the horizon—until she decided it was time to take a chance and leave her home country of Germany for one where she had never set foot.



Habitat for Humanity Chile “rocks”
Why is a Canadian forlorn due to Habitat Chile withdrawal? In this article, Global Village volunteer team leader Lindsay Killen tells us that it all comes down to the people. “The families at each of our two build sites made the whole endeavor worthwhile,” he said.



A beautiful way to learn about a country
Mauricio Artiñano, from Costa Rica, is a self-proclaimed “fan” of volunteerism. His passion for expressing solidarity in action has extended to Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador and his home country of Costa Rica – always with Habitat. To get to know a country, he explains, you have to go beyond the tourist attractions and go into the poor communities to work side-by-side with families in need.



Home is where the heart is
Habitat for Humanity El Salvador Volunteer Coordinator, Brianna Bailey, talks about how her experiences in El Salvador have highlighted the value of local volunteerism. Through her work with Peace Corp and Habitat El Salvador, Brianna has experienced first-hand how volunteerism can become a catalytic force in communities.



Changing lives, saving lives

Terry Laney, executive director of Our Towns Habitat for Humanity, talks about his experience of installing “smokeless” stoves in Guatemala, and the tremendous health benefit of these stoves for the families who use them. The stove that Terry and his team installed may have even saved the life of a 19 month-old boy, Alex.