Volunteers worked long hours Friday as this year's 293-house Jimmy Carter Work Project neared completion.
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Philippines Fact #11:

The largest JCWP '99 build site--Maragondon, Cavite--is located on land formerly inhabited by bandits, drug traffickers, cattle rustlers and Communist rebels.

JCWP volunteers and homeowners nail down roofs at the Paranaque JCWP site.
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Friday, March 26, 1999 -- The Philippines

Carter "Honored and Blessed" by Opportunity to Work with Homeowners, Volunteers

His voice choked with emotion, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter told of his blossoming friendship with the Salas family, who now owns the house Carter, his wife and crewmates built this week.

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Traditional "Habitation" Celebration Concludes Week's Build

After the longest work day of the week, 5,000 JCWP volunteers gathered in Maragondon Friday night to wrap up the build with a traditional Habitation ceremony.

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Heard on the Work Site:

"We are in our 16th year [of the Jimmy Carter Work Project], and every year has been memorable. The most unforgettable are the homeowner families. We get to know them, their children, their grandchildren."
-- Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter

"I think the project is very impressive. Even though we are tired and exhausted, we are happy working with the other groups from Japan, Hong Kong, America and England. We were able to build a good relationship towards each other."
-- Kim Tae Jim, volunteer from South Korea

"It's very rewarding. Really. I've gotten a lot out of it. Working with the families, seeing the kids and meeting the other neighbors, it gives you a good feeling and gives you a chance to do something away from your normal life. It's exciting."
-- Vivian Gabonry, volunteer from the United States

"I think the JCWP '99 is a wonderful activity. So many people coming together from all over the world. It's like a clue of what heaven must be like. People are so friendly, patient, outgoing and accepting. Despite our differences, we seem to understand each other."
-- Tom Goetz, volunteer from Japan

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