With walls complete, wooden trusses are nailed in place to support sheet-metal roofing.
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Philippines Fact #10:

HFH Philippines estimates that the funds and awareness raised by this year's JCWP will allow them to build 4,000 more houses over the next five years than would have been possible without the project.

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Volunteers Raise Roofs in Spirit of "Bayanihan:" Building Together

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"Bridges of Love" Written to Celebrate JCWP 1999

MARAGONDON, Philippines (March 25, 1999) -- The 1999 Jimmy Carter Work Project has its own theme song! It's called "Bridges of Love," and it has been performed on television and on stage by talented Filipino singers and musicians.

"Bridges of Love" was sung at the Sunday night opening of the week-long blitz build, and it will be the last song to be sung Friday night when the week is done. Here's how it goes:

In this world that we live in, there's happiness and pain
We hear the cry of a newborn babe while others die in vain
So let's reach out and touch lives, it's easy if we try
We all have so much love to give, it's hidden deep inside

Let's build bridges of love and open our hearts
'Cause we're all one family even though we're far apart
Let's build bridges of love and stretch out our hands
We can work together to spread love across this land.

Every day in our journey we have a chance to share
And lend everyone a helping hand to let them know we care
In the sunset of our lives let's thank the Lord above
And hope the world is a better place because we lived and loved

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