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Future homeowner of house #1 Valerie Roberts checks out the inside of her house through a window as volunteers work on her house.
Thankful homeowner sees new house as ‘a miracle from God—and Habitat’
By Leigh Powell

Valerie Roberts and her six children—Latora, 18; Akela, 17; Artemis, 16; Tiwynn, 14; Connieya, 3; and Alierra, 2—soon will be in a house that isn’t plagued with a leaking roof. The seven of them also won’t have to share only three bedrooms and one bathroom.

When Valerie learned that she had been approved to partner with Habitat for Humanity, she was pleased, but she did have some concerns about furnishing the house with things like appliances. Then she learned that Whirlpool would be providing items like her refrigerator.

“That was a blessing from up above,” Valerie says. “It was just a miracle from God—and Habitat!”

Valerie also credits the many volunteers working on her house. “I like [the volunteers]—love them all! I couldn’t have a better crew,” she says.

When asked what she’s most looking forward to about her new house, Valerie has two answers. First, she is happy that she will be able to go into her own room and shut the door.

But she also looks forward to a better neighborhood environment for her children. “The yard,” Valerie says, “so my little girls can come outside and run around instead of being trapped in the house all day long.”

“I thank Habitat for all they have done for me and my family, for providing us with a better home, and a better outlook for our future,” Valerie concludes.

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