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Volunteer Lee Adrianson receives care from first aid volunteer Wanda Lowe for a spider bite.
Fortunately, they can’t cure ‘Habititis,’ but first-aid crew is ready for splinters, sunburns and smashed thumbs
By Rebekah Daniel

Like many of the support services volunteers, Wanda Lowe and her crew have yet to nail down shingles or stuff insulation between wall studs. Just the same, their job helps build houses.

The first-aid station in LaGrange is housed in a “mobile care unit”—a large truck at the entrance of the Hillside Place build site. Wanda and teams of RNs and LPNs from three local organizations keep LaGrange’s homeowners and volunteers in prime working condition.

On Tuesday morning, the station was quiet after a few requests for sunscreen, Band-Aid needs and splinter removal assistance were met. Wanda says she expected more injuries from smashed thumbs, but “we haven’t had as much of that as I would have thought.”

Between the first-aid station and an ambulance staffed with volunteer emergency medical technicians, almost any work-site injury can be treated, Wanda says. If more help is necessary, the hospital is only a mile from the build site.

In fact, only one ailment seems to be beyond the capacity of the first aid staff to treat: Habititis. Wanda herself has been infected and plans to spend some time Friday at Twin Cedars, LaGrange’s second JCWP build site, to work on an apartment sponsored by the volunteer services of the local hospital.

“I really want to put my hands on a hammer and put a nail in a house, just to say I’ve done it,” she says.

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