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Coming Together for a Cause -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1 October 31, 2006

Coming Together for a Cause

Day Two has come and gone, and our crew is way ahead of schedule. I started the day repairing some work that was done the day before, where the mortar was not cleaned up properly. It had dried in hard masses and was difficult to get up.

The homeowners started the job using rocks to chip and sand the joints. I found my own rock ― a great rock with a flat surface on one side for sanding and a point on the other side to clean out the joints. I carried my new tool with me all day, and the homeowners teased me later on because at 3 p.m. I still had it in my tool belt. What was just a rock to them was my new favorite souvenir!

I’ve met people from Korea, Ireland, Canada, Japan and, of course, India. It has been a great experience talking with everyone and learning about their cultures. We are at such odds in the world today that it is nice to see everyone come together for this cause.

I also have seen more of the local culture. Women walk to get clean water in the morning and afternoon with their pots balanced on their heads, some carrying babies or with children in tow. I think our homeowners will relish having water in their homes, but many of their neighbors will pass by their neighborhoods each day to bring water to wherever they live.

I try to be very deliberate with everything I do and imagine that I might be living in this house when I am done. That way I do the best work I can, so that the homeowners can enjoy their new home.

I think of my Dad a lot while building and like to talk about him. He taught me so much about the importance of having a home to remember. He passed away last month, but he has made this trip with me in spirit.