The Kim Brown family -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

The Kim Brown family

‘This home is for me’

Kim Brown grew up in Annapolis—one of eight children. And she has spent the past 26 years living in the Robinwood public housing community.

“It was a good place for me to raise my children, but now I am ready to take the next step,” she said. “It has always been a dream of mine to have my own home. And the time came for me to go towards my dream again.”

The Habitat staff talked with Brown about repairing her credit to prepare for homeownership. “I started paying off my collections and just kept doing what I had to do,” Brown said. “I have just waited patiently and moved towards my goal.”

Brown will be joined in her new home by her son, Demonte; and her 6-year-old grandson, Demario.

Brown has worked in the kitchen at St. John College for nine years, and she loves her job. “It is very straightforward,” she said. “I make all kinds of salads—like potato salad, coleslaw, pasta salad, and now lots of grain salads since everyone is very health-conscious.”

She also helps to cater the large events that are frequently held at the college, like the annual St. Johns-Naval Academy croquet match.

Having worked hard her whole life, Brown enjoys relaxing outdoors. “I love to read, to sit by the water and visit parks. I just like to relax and enjoy life.”

Now that her dream is so close to coming true, Brown is getting really excited about. “I just thank God for Habitat. I dreamed about having my own home. Now, because of Habitat, I can afford to have my home.”