The Ronald Moulden family -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

The Ronald Moulden family

Working toward a different atmosphere

Ronald Moulden has raised four children by himself, and he has worked hard to provide a better life for them. His oldest sons, Ronald Jr. and Cardray, are on their own now, and he is clearly proud of them. His son Delontray, 21, and daughter Mechiko, 19, will move with him into their new home on Pleasant Street. After living in public housing in the Clay Street community for more than 14 years, Moulden and his children look forward to living in a home of their own.

After six years in the Marine Corps, Moulden returned to Clay Street, where he grew up. He has worked as an engineer for the state for the past 11 years. He maintains HVAC and refrigeration units, among other things. He also does home improvement work on the side.

He has had custody of his four children since they were very young. People in his community watched him struggle as a single parent, and they encouraged him to apply for a Habitat house.

“I watched my mother raise 12 children on her own after my father died, he said. “She’s my role model.”

Moulden has worked most of his sweat-equity hours in Brooklyn; Delontray frequently went with him. “I always took the children with me on side jobs,” the father said. “Even Mechiko knows how to use tools.”

The Moulden family also enjoys football. And both Delontray and his father agree that Mechiko loves to drive cars.

The family is really looking forward to moving into their new home. “It will be good to live in a clean atmosphere where everything works,” Delontray said. His father agrees.

“I want the children to live in a different atmosphere,” Moulden said. “This house is something I worked for, a goal I have achieved. And it is something to leave the kids when I pass.”