The Clark family -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

The Clark family

Building peace of mind

Wendy Clark moved into her North Minneapolis home 14 years ago. She came because housing was more affordable than in south Minneapolis, where she grew up. She also knew buying a house would be a good investment for her and her children.

When Clark says her neighborhood is like a big family, you can tell she means it. The neighbors look out for each other; they stop by every day to chat and catch up. A neighbor named Cliff, who lives two houses down, even helped build Clark’s house.

As a single mom of three, though, she has found home maintenance to be tough. And she lost her job last year, complicating things. But she remains positive while searching for a new position. “I’ll be working soon,” she said.

During the Carter Work Project, an A Brush with Kindness team will paint her house, install new railings, and do a little landscaping in the front yard. “Habitat will give us peace of mind, curb appeal and a whole new outlook, both physically and mentally,” she said. “It will make us feel brand new all over again.”

Clark understands it’s an investment in her family and her community. “I want my home to show I take pride in it. I really feel blessed and honored that I was chosen to participate. And I’m so grateful that someone will help me and not charge an arm and two legs.”

Her three children are Mekka, 21, who is starting her senior year of college in Louisiana, and 18-year-old twins Mikale, going off to school in Tennessee this fall, and Michael, an intern at Hennepin County. She’s disappointed that they all can’t be together during the project, but at the same time she’s excited for her kids’ opportunities.

“The Lord is the head of my life,” Clark said. “He helped me raise my kids. I’ve trusted Him always, and He’s brought me a long way.”

As for Habitat, she said: “It’s a perfect program for those who can use an extra helping hand in the time of need.