Piles of sod awaited volunteers Friday morning. The crews spent the day landscaping and putting finishing touches on the build's 25 houses.
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Dedications, Sunrise Service Wrap Up Build

EMB 1999's 25 houses were dedicated individually Friday afternoon, followed by a dedication service for the entire build. An Easter Morning sunrise service was conducted on-site at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday.

Jim Van De Loo installs cabinets in House No. 11. Van De Loo will give a full EMB report to his classmates when he returns.
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Wisconsin College Students Revel in Easter Morning Build "Classroom"

"This has been just an unbelievable experience," said University of Wisconsin-Whitewater student Jim Van De Loo. "It's not that often that you find so many people so passionate about the same thing. There's so much to learn outside of class, and Habitat has already provided me with so many fulfilling experiences."

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Logistics Team Keeps Volunteers Fed, Happy

With more than 1,000 volunteers to house, transport and feed three meals a day, it's difficult to underestimate the preparation and planning required for a build the size of this week's EMB. "We're just trying to make sure everyone has a fun, safe and rewarding week here," said EMB volunteer coordinator Stacey Elliott.

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"Social Butterfly" Lifts Crew at EMB Site

"I wish more people everywhere would get involved in a volunteer program," said EMB volunteer Vikki Ho-Shing of Atlanta, Ga. "The diverse audiences that volunteering creates can help break down some of the barriers we experience in the world today."

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Thank You, Easter Morning Build Sponsors

Habitat for Humanity International would like to thank the sponsors of the 25 houses built during the 1999 Easter Morning Build. These sponsors provided funding for the houses built and, in many cases, volunteer teams composed of employees/members.

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