Construction crews began work Saturday, raising walls and roof trusses on 25 houses.
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Sumter County Fact:

Through the Sumter County Initiative, community members and organizations have joined together to eliminate substandard housing from Sumter County by September 2000.

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Pre-Building Paves Way for Blitz

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1998 Easter Morning Build

Volunteers Pour in for 1999 Easter Morning Build

AMERICUS, Georgia (March 29, 1999) -- This Easter Week, local families are resurrecting hope from the dustbin of substandard housing. And volunteers worldwide are swooping in to help.

For the second year in a row, Habitat volunteers, staff and partner families have joined forces in the Easter Morning Community -- just north of Americus, Georgia -- and are moving 25 steps closer to erasing poverty housing in Sumter County.

As the more than 1,000 volunteers return home at week's end, partner families will be resting snugly in 25 new homes. That will increase the total number of Easter Morning houses to 55. Before it's all said and done, though, volunteers will build a total of 142 houses in the development.

Easter Morning Build began last year as a means of intensifying the Sumter County Initiative, a countywide effort that aims to eliminate substandard housing in the local community.

Logistics and planning for the blitz have taken a lot of effort from a lot of people, said Desi Wynter, executive director for the Americus-Sumter County affiliate, which is responsible for the project.

"The staff have really pulled together to get this event off to a good start," he said. "The community has been extremely supportive and we're expecting to see a lot of smiling homebuilders by week's end."

Wynter added that EMB attendees will gain a better sense of the entire development, because, unlike last year, the roads are complete and other infrastructure components are in place. As a result, he said, the development will better accommodate a greater number of volunteers this year.

EMB is about more than building. It's also about rebirth. The build represents a renewal of hope and an eager anticipation of things to come. Because as people come together for the sake of others, great things can happen. And that sense of Christian partnership is the true foundation on which Habitat grounds itself.

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