Construction crews spent Thursday completing the interior of the house, installing trim, finishing painting and preparing for Friday's landscaping.
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Sumter County Fact:

Olympic gold medalist Angel Myers Martino is a Sumter County native.

Beth Alessi, a sixth-grade teacher from Fairfax, Va., hammers siding on EMB House No. 1.
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Global Village Colleagues Re-Assemble for EMB

Four Habitat for Humanity Global Village teams traveled to Alaska last summer, and this week volunteers representing three of those teams are building EMB House No. 1. "It's good to see everybody again and to relive the experience we shared in Alaska," said David Pelton, a volunteer from Atlanta who participated in the May short-term mission trip. "We've sort of just picked up where we left off."

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Rain Too Late to Douse Build

"The build's in pretty good shape," said Johnny Roberts, EMB 1999's construction manager. "And with a lot of people getting ready to paint, the rain will not be too much of a hindrance."

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Turning Empty Cans into Habitat Houses

Steve Thompson wants to get everyone in the country recycling aluminum cans. The national program director for Aluminum Cans Build Habitat for Humanity Homes, Thompson estimates that if only 1 percent of the money earned through aluminum-can recycling were donated to Habitat, volunteers nationwide could build an extra 250 houses each year.

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