Build Louder

Shelter from rain, wind and sun is a basic human need.

Build Louder is a collection of Habitat for Humanity advocacy campaigns that focus on:

  • Changing U.S. housing systems, policies and attitudes.
  • Improving access to adequate and affordable housing worldwide.

Build Louder goals

  • Inspire advocates to take action.
  • Mobilize leadership.
  • Strengthen communities.
  • Reduce poverty.
  • Build hope for the secure future God intends for us all.

Act now:
We owe it to our children to make sure we do a better job of protecting them in the wake of the next disaster. Habitat for Humanity worked with Congress and the president to establish the National Commission on Children and Disasters to ensure that children are never an afterthought in a disaster again.
Ask Congress to pass the Child Safety, Care and Education Continuity Act

Advocacy stories: Real people who build louder.

Veronica L. Garcia
Greater LA Habitat for Humanity
Veronica was instrumental in the leading role that the Greater LA Habitat for Humanity took in addressing the issue of getting an exemption to the SAFE Act in California. She is passionate about her work in advocacy, and believes that as advocates, Habitat can shape the policies that address affordable housing.
Tammy Marine
Habitat for Humanity of Inland Valley

Tammy believes that advocacy is an integral part of addressing the need for affordable housing. From her affiliation with the Southern California Affiliates Association to her work on getting an exemption to the SAFE Act in California, she is a committed advocate.
R. Scott Engmann
Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity
R. Scott has engaged in numerous advocacy activities including a youth build trip and the Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity “Mayor’s Leaders Build.” According to Scott, advocacy helps volunteers and donors become aware of the breadth and depth of Habitat’s impact locally and globally.