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  Financial fitness means a lot of things.
And it’s not just about money.

Think of people you know who are physically fit, or the athletes you admire most. The types of things they do for physical fitness are similar to the types of things you’ll do for financial fitness.

Athletes practice good nutrition every day to stay fit. They also learn new skills so they can become more fit. Financial fitness kind of works the same way. You practice good money and credit management every day. And you learn new skills so you can manage money and credit even better.

5 Ingredients of Financial Fitness
Challenge, Action, Results

Athletes also deal with challenges, take action, and get results. Think of a professional basketball player in a playoff game. She gets the ball. She’s being blocked. The clock is running. She has to score points. This player has a challenge (she’s blocked; the clock is running), needs to take action (shoot the ball), and get results (score points).

In your quest for financial fitness, you also have to deal with challenges (get finances under control), take action (pay bills on time; reduce debt), and get results (improve credit and cash flow).

This Web site shows you how credit, financial fitness, and owning a home are all connected. Our recipes are designed to guide you to the result you seek: a simple, decent, place to live—a Habitat for Humanity home!

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How Financially Fit Are You? Find out now!

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