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Becoming Financially Fit
Now let's assess your financial fitness and find out where you need some help. Answer each question as True, False, or N/A (Not Applicable).
Beginning with Some Basics
1. I keep all my financial papers in a safe place. True False N/A
2. I am open to people who want to help me. True False N/A
3. I know someone who is financially fit and am willing to ask this person for help. True False N/A
4. I have an emergency fund.


False N/A
Managing Money
5. I set financial goals and read them out loud often. True False N/A
6. I track how I spend money. True False N/A
7. I know how easy it is to spend money, so I:
  • Look for spending leaks. True False N/A
  • Make a spending plan. True False N/A
  • Comparison shop. True False N/A
  • Stand up to peer pressure from friends or family to spend money True False N/A
8. I know what expensive financial services to avoid. True False N/A
Understanding Credit
9. I understand what credit is and why I need it. True False N/A
10. I understand the disadvantages of credit. True False N/A
11. I know about all the different types of credit I can use. True False N/A
12. I know what it costs to use credit. True False N/A
13. I know how to calculate the true cost of something purchased with credit. True False N/A
Establishing and Building Credit
14. I pay all of my bills on time, every month. True False N/A
15. I have accounts (for example, savings and/or checking) at a financial institution. True False N/A
16. I know how to use a credit card so it improves my credit. True False N/A
Working with a Financial Institution, Credit Union or Bank and Saving Money
17. I know the benefits of working with a financial institution. True False N/A
18. I understand how financial institutions and credit are connected. True False N/A
19. I understand that saving even the smallest amount of money is a good habit, and I know a variety of ways to save small amounts. True False N/A
20. I know what financial institution services can help me manage my money. True False N/A
21. I am familiar with fees financial institutions charge and know what to look for. True False N/A
22. I am comfortable looking for a financial institution to work with. True False N/A
Reading a Credit Report
23. I understand what credit reporting agencies are. True False N/A
24. I know what a credit report is. True False N/A
25. I know what to look for when I read my credit report. True False N/A
26. I know who is able to look at my credit report. True False N/A
27. I know what lenders look for when they read my credit report. True False N/A
28. I know how to order my free credit reports. True False N/A
29. I know how to order my credit score. True False N/A
30. I know when I need to order a copy of and read my credit report. True False N/A
31. I know how to correct errors on my credit report. True False N/A
32. I am familiar with my credit rights. True False N/A
Improving Credit
33. I know what financial behaviors improve my credit. True False N/A
34. I have a debt reduction plan. True False N/A
35. If I'm in a credit crisis and can't pay all of my bills, I know which ones to pay first. True False N/A
36. I know the difference between what credit counseling agencies and debt reduction businesses can do for me, and how each affects my credit. True False N/A
37. I know how to shop around for a reliable debt-reduction agency. True False N/A
Protecting My Money
38. I know what I need to do to avoid being ripped off. True False N/A
Protecting My Identity
39. I understand what identity theft is. True False N/A
40. I know the signs of having my identity stolen. True False N/A
41. I know what to do if my identity is stolen. True False N/A
Using Credit Cards
42. I know how to use credit cards to improve my credit. True False N/A
43. I know all the fees my credit card companies can charge me, and when they can charge them. True False N/A
44. I pay off my credit card balance every month. True False N/A
45. I know when credit card companies can increase the interest rate on my balance without letting me know ahead of time. True False N/A
46. I negotiate terms with my credit card companies. True False N/A
47. I know the signs of having too much debt. True False N/A
Finding and Keeping a Job
48. I have a strategy for finding a better-paying job. True False N/A
49. I know how to fill out an application that an employer will want to read. True False N/A
50. I am comfortable writing a resume and cover letter that will get an employer's attention. True False N/A
51. I've been called for an interview and have practiced answers to potential interview questions. True False N/A
52. I understand what job benefits my employer might provide. True False N/A
53. I've asked my employer how I can qualify for training programs to advance my work skills. True False N/A
54. I understand everything listed on my paycheck. True False N/A
55. I understand what the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is and how it can help me. True False N/A
56. I understand what the Advance Earned Income Tax Credit is and how it can help me. True False N/A
57. I understand what an Individual Development Account (IDA) is and how fast it can make my savings grow. True False N/A
58. I can spot an employment scam when I see one. True False N/A
Getting Childcare
59. I know what child care options to look for. True False N/A
60. I know how to evaluate a day care center. True False N/A
61. I understand the options I have in paying for child care. True False N/A
Advancing My Education or Job Skills
62. I know what resources are available for getting my GED. True False N/A
63. I know approximately how much more I could earn by completing a vocational program or getting a degree from a two- to four-year college. True False N/A
64. I am familiar with various education options, and how to lower the cost of education. True False N/A
65. I am comfortable evaluating schools I might go to. True False N/A
Owning a Home
66. I understand how owning a home is connected to financial fitness. True False N/A
67. I know the financial risks of owning a home. True False N/A
68. I know about all the added expenses I'll have when I own a new home. True False N/A
69. I have a good idea of potential home repairs I might have to deal with as my home ages. True False N/A
70. I know how to avoid a dishonest contractor. True False N/A

How Financially Fit Are You? Find out now!
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