The Publication of Habitat for Humanity International | April / May 2002
Decent, Affordable, Habitat Houses Bring Transformation

In South Africa: A Sense of Place Yields Stability

In India: A Joy That Knows No Bounds

In California: Family Leaves Danger And Fears Behind

In California: Stability Brings Family Reunion

In Korea: Safe Shelter Establishes Permanence

In Romania: Doctors Once Trapped By Poverty Housing

In England: New House Means New Mindset for Teen

In Kentucky:
10-year-old Enjoys a "Room of One's Own"

In Guatemala: Improved Health, Tranquility Make the Difference

From the clatter of urban alleys to the earthen landscape of farms and villages, low–income families worldwide bend under the weight of poverty housing. They lack clean water, adequate sanitation systems and the financial wherewithal to improve their plight through conventional means. For these families, hope wanes–that is, until Habitat’s model of partnership housing reaches them where they live.

Habitat for Humanity values families and works to strengthen them through affordable homeownership, thereby improving lives and fostering unity amid a global family.

In the following pages, individuals from around the world share the transformation they have experienced in decent shelter. Each Habitat family member–from grandparents to mothers, fathers, sons and daughters–has a story to tell. Here are just a few.
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