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FoundationsFrom Habitat CEO Jonathan Reckford

Bringing the World Together

Words by Jonathan Reckford

Photo by Jason Asteros

Published on Jan. 14, 2013

Making connections is one of the major hallmarks of Habitat for Humanity’s ministry. Over and over, we hear how Habitat projects attract young and old, Catholics and Protestants, Hindus and Muslims, skilled workers and novices, students and retirees. Through Habitat’s work, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are united around the cause of affordable housing.

The most important connections we make, however, are between those who are passionate about helping others and families who are in desperate need of a decent place to live. Our supporters consistently tell us that it is one thing to write a check in support of a cause (and we certainly appreciate and rely on our generous donors), but it is something else altogether to build alongside partner families — to eat lunch together, to play ball with neighborhood children, to share dreams and to pray together.

Sometimes those encounters lead to lifelong friendships. Many years ago, an Atlanta homeowner asked one volunteer why a stranger would come out and dig footings for her home. The volunteer replied that working on the house was an opportunity to live out her faith. The two women became fast friends, staying close enough through the years to help each other mark major family milestones.

In this issue of Habitat World, you will find similar stories of great connections: accounts of volunteers who come together in new ways — and in unexpected locations — to raise awareness as they raise walls, testimonies of families who find that a Habitat house can be a powerful link to more positive mental health and lasting financial stability, and suggestions for ways that you can engage in our mission and help us move forward.

The abilities we have to connect in our modern world can bring together a stunning convergence of talent and caring. Having just recently begun to tweet, I’m loving the ability to connect with more people and with Habitat’s work around the world. Follow me, and seek out Habitat on social media sites. Share the links to your favorite Habitat World stories and to the news and information you find on Find local volunteer opportunities, use your voice for change or give a gift today.

With the bedrock connections created by Habitat’s work, and using every tool we can possibly employ, I truly see an amazing future where together we multiply our efforts — and build even more homes, communities and hope.