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More stories about “Why we build” -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

More stories about “Why we build”

The Mojicas’ story

Family copes after tornado damages Habitat home

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Antoine’s story

Former Rwandan diplomat forges new life with Habitat’s help

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Brandon’s story

A stable home put young man on path to success

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The Bowers family’s story

From the basement of a Habitat home, a house of God grows

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The Ajú family’s story

In Guatemala, a smokeless stove improves health, finances

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The story of mortgage burnings

Families celebrate success by burning mortgage papers

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Bektur’s story

‘We were just existing and not living’

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The Godwin family’s story

A mother and daughter find new hope in their twilight years.

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The Bolivian women’s story

Habitat Bolivia builds a network of empowered women.

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The Mas family’s story

With support from a church, Cuban immigrants embark on new life.
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Sherling’s story

A Nicaraguan girl’s future looks brighter.

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Henryville’s story

Families start new lives a year after a tornado nearly destroyed them.
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