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Postcards from the field (part 2) -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Postcards from the field (part 2)

‘We are really hooked on this Global Village thing’



We’ve been on four Global Village trips over the years. They’re addictive! Just talking about them makes us want to go on another one.

So far we’ve visited Guyana, Portugal, Macedonia, Thailand and Hungary. Three years ago, we also participated in the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The homeowners we worked with in Chiang Mai, the Thanormrungruangs, had been highlighted on TV as an example of a family in need. Their old home had only three walls. It sat next to an open sewer, and the children played in the sewer water. It was horrendous.

We helped build this family a new, better home. In 2011 we went back to Thailand on a vacation and decided to check in on the Thanormrungruang family.

We were amazed and humbled by how well they were doing. The children were all smiles. The mom was earning extra income by making and selling clothes. Everyone seemed happier and healthier.

Now we are really hooked on this Global Village thing. We wouldn’t think of taking a vacation that wasn’t with Habitat.


Brewster and Molly Denver
New York


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