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Postcards from the field (part 6) -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Postcards from the field (part 6)

‘It felt like I had become a part of their families’



This summer I embarked on my 25th Global Village trip, this time to Sri Lanka. With me were some of the graduate students in the international service learning class I teach at Oregon State University.

I took teams to Romania for seven years in a row. In Cluj, Habitat was building a community of nine homes on a plot of land. Every year I returned, I would see the same people at the work site. It felt like I had become a part of their families.

One time I was invited to a Children’s Day picnic at the park. All the children of the families I had been working with were there. There were 123 kids at this picnic. It was amazing. They were all living in better conditions than they were beforehand.

Part of that build experience was to visit those families in their new houses. In every case, they were better off than they were before. The health of their children was better, and the parents were able to get better jobs. The chain reaction was all positive. You could see that people’s lives were better because you had contributed to them.

When I return to these countries, see how lives have changed for the better and realize that our teams had a part in supporting those changes, I become more hopeful and excited to do more. The beneficiaries of Global Village trips are not just the partner families. We all benefit in some magical way.


Dave Kovac
Corvallis, Oregon


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