1999 Annual Report / Form 990

1999 annual report

we have the know-how in the
world to house everyone
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we have the resources in the
world to house everyone
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fy99: the financial statement
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all that's missing
            is the WILL to do it
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form 990: fiscal year 1999

Shown here is form 990 for Habitat for Humanity International.

Note: Local Habitat for Humanity affiliates are separate nonprofit organizations, independent of HFHI, and therefore are not included in HFHI's form 990. For more information, see the combined financial sidebar on page 2 of the financial statement file above.

Files provided here are in PDF format, which can be read or printed with Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software.

Every year, Habitat for Humanity grows. We build more houses in more places. More volunteers contribute more time, and more people contribute more money.

Fiscal year 1999 fits the more theme well. It was another record-setting year: Worldwide, Habitat built a record 13,682 houses. The Jimmy Carter Work Project in the Philippines, where more than 14,000 people helped build 293 houses, was symbolic of the soaring volunteer support this ministry is attracting. And financial contributions to Habitat for Humanity International have never been so high.

"More" is a great way to describe the year Habitat for Humanity enjoyed. But, the question is: Is it enough?

Years ago, while writing No More Shacks!, I penned the statement that is repeated in this annual report: "We have the know-how in the world to house everyone. We have the resources in the world to house everyone. All that's missing is the WILL to do it."

Those words still accurately reflect how I feel. Everything that we need to build enough simple, decent, affordable houses already exists. Building materials, technical expertise, money, volunteers -- it's all out there. What we lack is merely the wholehearted commitment and will to channel those resources toward the elimination of poverty housing worldwide.

The fact that Habitat for Humanity is building more houses year after year, though, is proof to me that we're making progress. More hearts and minds are heeding our call for involvement and assistance. Adequate shelter for all is truly becoming a matter of conscience among individuals, governments and religious organizations. The will to end poverty housing is taking root among more and more people.

But as Habitat for Humanity redoubles its efforts -- we're planning to build 100,000 houses in the five years ending Dec. 31, 2005, a feat it took 24 years to reach the first time -- we require the willpower of everyone to propel us toward our target. More simply isn't enough; only all will do.

I urge you to read in the information provided here how much we've recently accomplished, thanks to the determination of hundreds of thousands of compassionate partners in all corners of the globe. Along the way, ask yourself how much more we can do with your help and with the help of your family, your church family, your neighbors and your co-workers or classmates.

Everything needed to defeat miserable housing conditions is already available. It's a matter of matching those resources with a spirit of willingness and determination that results in a simple, decent place to live for anyone who gets sleepy at night.

We can do it -- if only we will. My prayer is that God will continue to smile on the Habitat family as we hammer on toward the elimination of substandard housing and homelessness.

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