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Stacy Leuth—Long Beach,California

   I was born in Cambodia and came to the U.S. when I was about 10. A church in South Carolina sponsored our family. Later, we moved to California, to be closer to our relatives, where I've been ever since.

   I have four children—Amanda, 12, Brenda, 9, Chy, 6, and Darrell, 3—and I am a mail carrier. Our current house* is too small for us, and it's not safe for my kids to go out. There have been gang shootings on our street, and I'm afraid for them to go outside. The new house has three bedrooms, and I look forward to our new neighborhood, where we will be close to the kids' schools and the travel time to my job will be shorter.

   I first heard about Habitat from a flyer I received in the mail. I usually don't even look at things like that, but that day—for some reason—I read it, and the flyer said there was a meeting. I went to every meeting, going through all the levels of the program, wondering, "What's next?" Then I received a letter saying I was approved! I was so shocked, I thought I was dreaming.

    I still can't believe it's my house. I worked on the roof, nailing roofing shingles and helped install insulation in the walls. On the roof, I was kind of scared, but I did it. Now, I'm like, wow, I actually did this! I really believe God has blessed me and is looking over me.

* At press time, the Leuth family was scheduled to move into their new house within the next several weeks.

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