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Somjit Mungfoyklang—Udon Thani, Thailand

   My wife, Thawin, and I have six sons and two daughters. I drive a motorized tricycle to transport passengers. Four times a month, Thawin and I also collect lotus flowers from a nearby public pond to sell in the market for Buddhist religious days.

   Our old house was made of wood, and many of the parts were rotten.The roof of our house had so many holes, the inside would almost flood when it rained. For our toilet needs, we had to go to a nearby forest; we walked a distance to a water well to take a bath.

   Our new 5 x 8-meter Habitat house brings joy and hope to the whole family. Our eighth child, a boy, was born in this house. My wife enjoys having a water well for ourselves and not having to depend on others. We have a toilet and a bathroom; a kitchen and bedrooms. Comparing the old house to the new one, my eldest daughter Wanida says, "My younger brothers and sisters and I now enjoy some privacy in our bedrooms. We don't have to sleep together in one room."

   The Habitat staff and other volunteers have given us love and support. Our Habitat house was built with the hardworking Kyoto University student volunteers from Japan. I was very much encouraged by their spirit of sacrifice and cooperation. Some of the Japanese volunteers have even come back to visit us.

   Habitat for Humanity has changed our family's life. I am very happy that Habitat gave me an opportunity to own a new house, which I never expected to have before. Our life will never be the same again.

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