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Saray Sanchez-Porras—San Ramon Alajuela, Costa Rica

   My name is Saray, and I am the mother of four sons, ages 10, 7, 6 and 3. After my husband and I married and had our first son, we lived with my parents, my brothers and their wives.

   Later, my parents gave us some land, and we built a 12' x 9' shack with an earthen floor from second-hand materials. There wasn't electricity or drinkable water. The nights were so cold and the house was so humid that my children constantly suffered colds. We didn't have a bathroom, so we used a jar to shower. When it rained, there were many leaks. The walls got so rusty I thought they would fall apart. We spent eight years living under these conditions.

   One day, my husband's co-worker told us about Habitat. It seemed incredible to hear of an organization that didn't request money up front or charge interest, that gave free technical supervision and more. I gave thanks to God and put everything in His hands.

   At the dedication of our house, I began to speak and started crying. I feel so proud of having been part of the construction of our house, and I see that the sacrifice was worthwhile. I never wanted something given, but rather always asked God for the opportunity to work to achieve my dreams.

   My children no longer fear the night, the rain, or the wind, and they no longer spend as much time sick. They enjoy playing in and sharing our home. Now I give testimony to what God has given us by means of Habitat for Humanity.

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