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Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village & Discovery Center allows visitors to experience a microcosm of the world Habitat envisions, where everyone has a simple, decent place to live.

'But babies don't live here, right?'

A family walked through Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village & Discovery Center. As they made their way through the “Living in Poverty” section, a realistic depiction of slum housing in many parts of the world, the 10-year-old son asked if people really lived in shacks like those. The mother responded with a regretful, but truthful, yes. The family continued their tour of the Global Village & Discovery Center, and when they had gone through the whole facility, the children asked to return to the poverty section for another look. On their second walk through, the 5-year-old son tugged at his mother’s hand and asked, “But babies don’t live here, right?”

Top: Visitors survey the sobering “Living in Poverty” section of the facility. Bottom: Discovery guides throughout the Global Village & Discovery Center answer questions, explain the work of Habitat for Humanity and demonstrate techniques such as block making.
The sad reality is that babies—and their siblings, parents and grandparents—do live in such conditions. For many visitors to the Global Village & Discovery Center, an educational complex near Habitat for Humanity International’s headquarters in Americus, Ga., it is their first and only look at such profound poverty. Unfortunately, for untold millions, such a harsh and inhuman environment is “home” for their entire lives.

Lest visitors lose hope after experiencing the Living in Poverty area, they are then welcomed into life-size replicas of the houses that Habitat for Humanity is building around the world. Guatemala, Tanzania, Haiti, Papua New Guinea—these are just a few of the countries represented in the Global Village & Discovery Center, and more houses are planned for construction in phases over the next few years.

The houses allow people who may never travel outside of developed countries an opportunity to see the solutions to poverty that Habitat for Humanity is offering in the nations where we build. Filled with furniture, clothing, artwork and housewares indigenous to their respective countries, the houses invite visitors literally to step inside the solutions Habitat for Humanity is providing around the world.

Visitors are invited to take their involvement a step further at the Global Village & Discovery Center. Demonstration areas in the facility are staffed by “discovery guides” who teach guests how to make bricks and tiles in the same ways Habitat homepartners do. The building components completed by visitors will be used in future houses at the Global Village & Discovery Center.

After completing their tour of this microcosm of the world, visitors can browse through the Marketplace, which features displays and videos about Habitat for Humanity’s programs, and a gift shop offering Habitat merchandise. Guests also can log on computers to visit Habitat for Humanity International’s Web site, learn more and make donations to support the life-changing global ministry they have just experienced firsthand.

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