Who’s Who in Advocacy at HFHI -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Who’s Who in Advocacy at HFHI

Government Relations and Advocacy Office
Elizabeth Blake, senior vice president of government affairs, advocacy and legal

Arlene Corbin Lewis, communications associate director

Daniel Petrie, public policy research assistant

Chris Vincent, director of congressional relations/international affairs

Christopher Ptomey, director of congressional relations

Colleen Fitzgerald, associate director of grassroots advocacy

Jane Katz, director of international affairs and programs

Jeanette Stoltzfus, administrative coordinator and project assistant

Jenny Russell, managing director of advocacy

John Snook, director of state and local relations

Jose Quinonez, associate director of advocacy training

Susan Corts Hill, director of public policy

From various HFHI departments

Hilary Harp, associate general counsel

Rodolfo Ramirez, director of housing and human settlement program, Latin America/ Caribbean

Maria Luisa Zanelli, LA/C advocacy manager

Eddie Byrd, director of communications and advocacy, Europe/Central Asia

Faith Zahn, youth and advocacy coordinator

Jennifer Lindsey, senior director of international and advocacy communications