Special Events -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Special Events

Sowing seeds
By Chris Clarke

The role of special events in Habitat for Humanity

By Jonathan Reckford

Why does Habitat for Humanity do special events?

By Lysa Ratliff and Karen Haycox

Logistics: Perfect planning and execution

By Aileen Pistone

Communications and messaging for a special event

By Jennifer Lindsey

The anatomy of a successful special event

By Karan Kennedy, with Sue Johnson, Samantha Ellis and Stuart Hendry

Construction planning for blitz builds

By Nevil Eastwood

Reaping the long-term benefits of special events

By Ernesto Castro

His Holiness Karekin II Work Project Work Project: A case study

By Gohar Palyan, with Loucine Hayes and Willo Brock

A testimony of love: Special events in San Julian

By Carlos Avalos

Non-building Habitat special events in Asia/Pacific

By Wong Hiew Peng

Leveraging special events

By Victor Hanzel Sarceda and Wong Hiew Peng

Financial planning for a special event

By Aileen Pistone

Brewing a better world

By Steve Little