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Housing quality and health


7-year-old Aracelly plays on a swing set in front of her family's Habitat house.


From the editor

Housing quality and health: what do we know?

By Lisa Heintz and Karan Kennedy

Creating healthy living environments

By Jonathan Reckford

Breathing easier in the United States

By Barbara Daugherty

Design considerations for a healthy home in A/ME

By Carl Queiros and Tsitsi Mkombe

HFHI Colombia aligns its programs with Pan-American healthy housing strategy

By Anabella Cueto

Focus on water and health in Vietnam

By Kathryn Reid

New standards help define the mission

By Ted Baumann

Pilot project improves living conditions for Roma families in need in Slovakia

By Katerina Bezgachina

Taking care of the most vulnerable in Bulgaria

By Katerina Bezgachina