From our readers -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

From our readers

I would like to receive the newsletter…. Our family has both emotionally and financially supported Habitat. It is certainly nice to have your newsletter on the table for others to read. You just never know whose interest you may spark.


Alice Miller, Founding President of HFH Southern Ocean County, USA

IAU Volume 12:3
Responding to Disasters

I recently became a national director of Habitat for Humanity Japan…. I would like to recommend and suggest that we work together to make a make manual for disaster response by HFH. We…have registered as one of the NGOs of the Japanese Emergency Network (Japan Platform). They are always doing fund raising for disaster and post-conflict and emergency famine from our government and private sectors like Japanese companies.

Stefano Tsukamoto, Executive Director of HFH Japan

Response from HFHI

Dear Stefano,

Thank you for your interest in Habitat’s disaster response work. Your ideas and insights are exactly what we are working on right now with the International division here at HFHI headquarters. We are compiling and putting together a comprehensive disaster response manual that contains our policies, protocols and procedures for disaster response. It will describe our criteria for responding not only to disasters created by natural threats but also to complex humanitarian emergencies created by slow-onset conflicts. It will also describe the use of the “Disaster Response Fund” for which we could use some of the funding sources from Japan.

Mario C. Flores, Director of HFHI's Disaster Response Office