Habitat for Humanity and urban issues -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Habitat for Humanity and urban issues


A boy plays near his home in the Tabalares favela, with Recife's highrises reflected in the sewage-filled water below.


Habitat for Humanity and urban issues

By Karan Kennedy

Urban Habitat

By Jonathan Reckford

The complexities of delivering urban housing projects

By Carl Queiros

Urban housing in Nigeria

By Samson Nyam

Improving what we have

By Robin Black

Low-cost urban housing in Malawi

By Samson Nyam

The paradigm shift: From rural to urban housing

By Kyle Scott

Medium-rise buildings in urban slums: Bringing Habitat for Humanity to the next level in the Philippines

By Nestor M. Pestelos and Marcia Yogore

Self-managed housing cooperatives in urban areas

By Viveka Carlestam and Gustavo Gonzalez

Partnering with housing organizations

By Steve Little

Habitat for Humanity’s work in urban settings in the United States

By Stephen Seidel

Factors that help or hinder housing production in urban contexts

By Manuel Mancuello