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HFH Deutschland organized a two-week renovation project in Berlin to celebrate Habitat's World Leaders Build and the United National International Year of Volunteers. German Federal Minister Dr. Christine Bergmann the patron of the event.

CLUJ-NAPOCA, Romania—Habitat for Humanity's eighth annual Summer Youth Build was held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania August 4-19. A total of 15 students aged 16-19 were chosen to attend the event, representing eight European countries in which Habitat has a presence and the United States.

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BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan - Habitat for Humanity Kyrgyzstan celebrated the World Leaders Build with the mayor of Bishkek, the Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to the USA, 15 USA Congress delegates, the Charge d' Affaires of the Embassy of the United States and various other government officials, neighbors and volunteers. Work was ongoing August 5-11 at the build site near Bishkek, with dignitaries visiting on Wednesday. A 10-member Global Village team from England also worked at the World Leaders Build site, working on three houses. "[It] was a great opportunity to make Habitat's work known to government officials and others", reported Tanya Weaver, a member of HFH Kyrgyzstan's staff. "Some people may not realize how big the housing problem is in Kyrgyzstan and how Habitat is providing a solution and hope for many. We urged them to help, as the dream of eliminating poverty housing from Kyrgyzstan can only be accomplished with their help and with the help of many others".

A Global Village team from England worked alongside Kyrgyz volunteers to put up brick walls for one house, roof another and plaster and paint a third.

The World Leaders Build in Poland got an excellent start on Monday, Aug.6, when Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek came to the building site of Domy Nadziei (Homes of Hope) Habitat for Humanity in Gliwice.

Czeslaw Czudek, director of Habitat's New Affiliate and Resource Development office in Poland, welcomed the prime minister and other distinguished guests. Czudek also presented Habitat for Humanity's foundational principles. The guests then joined other volunteers (including a Global Village team from Great Britain) at the site to help build a multi-family dwelling. When complete, the building will house six families.

During the day, speeches were also made by Andrzej Jarczewski, vice mayor of Gliwice and John Burton, plant director for Opel Poland.

Employees of the General Motors Opel plant in Gliwice have committed to more than 1,000 hours of volunteer labor and GMAC, another division of GM, recently donated $100,000 (US) to Habitat's work in Poland. Opel is committed to Gliwice, and partnering with Habitat has been a way of showing that commitment.

After the event, Prime Minister Buzek said, "I am glad that initiatives like Habitat exist. We can build plenty of homes ... for families who are in real housing need. So far the scope of the movement is small. I'd like similar initiatives to be started all over Poland." For more information see: Habitat for Humanity Poland

Wroclaw affiliate hosts local leaders

WROCLAW, Poland-Wroclaw's two-year-old affiliate, Nasz Dom (Our Home) Habitat for Humanity, held a World Leaders Build event on Saturday, Aug. 11, at its construction site in the suburb of Katy Wroclawskie. Special guests for the celebration were the mayor of Katy Wroclawskie and a city council member from the city of Wroclaw. A representative of the affiliate's major sponsor, AmRest (Pizza Hut/KFC), also joined the future homeowners at the site.

After introductory speeches, the guests and homeowners set the cornerstone block for Nasz Dom HFH's first house. When construction is complete, seven children under the age of 10 will live in the four-family housing unit.

One benefit of the World Leaders Build in Wroclaw was valuable publicity for the affiliate. "Very few people in Wroclaw have ever heard about Habitat for Humanity," said Debbie Wilber, an international partner based in Poland. "The media coverage generated from the event was a major boost to our program." A special guest representing the city of Wroclaw also offered to donate land for future home sites.

"These are huge milestones that represent the growth that this affiliate has undergone in the past year," said Wilber. " We have set a foundation-not only for our first set of homes, but also for a strong affiliate determined to eliminate poverty housing in this community!"

For more information and photos, please see the Nasz Dom Web site.

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