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The Rt. Honourable Ed Schreyer, former Governor General of Canada, enjoys a break in the shade with his wife, Lily, on the last day of building for his work project in Winnipeg's North End.

Ed Schreyer Work Project
World Leaders Build

by Carla Robinson
   Winnipeg - More than 500 Habitat for Humanity volunteers from across Canada and the United States gathered July 6-13 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to kick off Habitat for Humanity International's World Leaders Build and to build homes with 10 families as part of Habitat Canada's eighth annual Ed Schreyer Work Project.

  "I am very pleased to see such a marvelous turnout," said The Rt. Honourable Ed Schreyer, former Governor General of Canada, at the build's opening night festivities. "Habitat for Humanity is like a rolling snowball, and efforts keep growing to bring hope and happiness to people around the world living a slum existence."

   Schreyer and his wife, Lily, joined Premier of Manitoba Gary Doer as they worked on a Habitat house with partner homeowners George and Marlene Wood. Ed Schreyer, who enjoys installing siding, worked with Doer on the house's exterior, while Lily Schreyer helped a neighbor's children paint a playhouse for the neighborhood.
   The Woods and nine other partner families worked with Habitat volunteers — including Winnipeg firefighters, paramedics and local business leaders, as well as self-described "blitz-build junkies" from as far away as Maine and Arizona — during the project in the city's North End.

   "I believe an extreme generosity wells up in the human spirit. All it needs is reassurance that it will not be dissipated before it gets to people in need," said Schreyer as he praised the volunteers' efforts.

   The summer blitz in Winnipeg also kicked off Habitat for Humanity International's World Leaders Build, which will culminate during the week of Aug. 5-11, when former U.S. President Jimmy Carter will join Korean President Kim Dae-jung for a blitz build in Asan, South Korea. The World Leaders Build event, which celebrates HFHI's 25th anniversary, hopes to involve heads of state and government in building more than 1,000 houses in 45 countries around the world.

   "The Ed Schreyer Work Project was an outstanding local effort that successfully highlighted our international work," said Mindy Shannon Phelps, project coordinator for the World Leaders Build 2001.
  —Carla Robinson is the Managing Editor for Habitat World


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