A place to make memories

Coming Home

Samantha Stepp and her family moved into their Habitat Springfield home at the beginning of June. For Stepp, who moved around a lot as a child, the home means her kids will have a stability she never knew.

“We won’t have to move anymore, won’t have to change school districts,” she says. “We have a yard for them to play in, neighborhood kids to play with.”

The Stepps are happy to be settling into their new home, which was dedicated during the RV Care-A-Vanners 25th anniversary build and rally this summer.

A big part of the blessing that is their new Habitat home, Stepp says, is a yard where she can watch her kids run and play — and make memories.

Parents around the world want that same sense of security for their families. Studies show all of the good things that can follow when a decent and affordable place to live is part of the equation, and Habitat’s experience proves that it’s possible to help open those doors.

With your help, it happens every day.

Photo by Ezra Millstein