Warmth and light in China

This summer, a team of 24 Habitat volunteers from Hong Kong, Singapore and Sichuan helped distribute relief items to families affected by April’s 7.0-magnitude earthquake in southwest China.

More than 2,000 families received a quilt, a flashlight and a bottle of cooking oil. The relief items were funded by a grant from the Hong Kong special administrative region government.

For Hong Kong resident Ellen Chan, the trip to distribute relief items in three villages near the earthquake’s epicenter was an eye-opener.

“We have visited villages and houses that were seriously damaged, reached out to families in areas affected by the earthquake and interacted with them during this trip,” she says. “I have a clearer picture of the quake-hit areas and a deeper understanding of the situation of affected families.”

Habitat China is focused on rebuilding homes in the city of Qionglai.