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Volunteers Welcome New Year with Millennium Builds Dec. 31

Americus, Ga. - Dec. 10, 1999 - From New Zealand to New Mexico and from Fiji to Florida, Habitat for Humanity volunteers will welcome the year 2000 by building houses with people in need. The volunteers will participate in Millennium Builds Dec. 31.

While many people around the world will be forced to work New Year’s Eve because of potential problems from the Y2K bug, thousands are volunteering to work with some Y2K compliant hardware – their hammers.

In Fiji, Habitat for Humanity will complete the world’s first 10 homes of the year 2000, pounding in the final nails at midnight, instead of pouring champagne. Volunteers will include Fiji’s Prime Minister and deputy ministers, and the US Ambassador and embassy staff.

Many have their eyes on ”Millennial” religious groups as 1999 comes to an end. But in the United States and beyond, people of faith are swinging hammers right through the New Year, to put faith in action and demonstrate the love of Christ by building houses with people in need.

Habitat for Humanity volunteers will be giving back to their communities. Thanks to the volunteers’ efforts, Habitat families will start the New Year by beginning new lives in new homes.

Dedicated to eliminating poverty housing, Habitat for Humanity International is an ecumenical Christian ministry founded by Millard Fuller along with his wife, Linda. HFHI and its 1,916 affiliates in more than 60 nations have built and sold more than 80,000 homes to partner families at no profit with zero-interest mortgages.

Media: Habitat for Humanity International’s media relations staff is ready to help you cover Millennium Builds. We can provide you with footage and photos in advance of the builds. And we can locate builds near you that you may want to visit. Many of the builds are already in progress and offer opportunities before the 31st.