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HFHI Receives $500,000 Grant From Microsoft

Habitat For Humanity International Receives $500,000 Grant From Microsoft

Americus, Ga. - August 3, 1999 - Microsoft Corp. today announced the donation of more than $500,000 in software and licenses to Habitat for Humanity International. The grant will provide HFHI with software licenses for products such as Office Professional, Access, Exchange and Windows NT. The software will be used at HFHI headquarters in Americus, Ga., as well as in its 16 Area and Regional Offices.

“We are truly grateful to Microsoft for awarding Habitat for Humanity with this technology grant,” said David Williams, senior vice president of Administration at HFHI. “The money this grant saved from the HFHI budget could potentially provide homes for as many as 14 U.S. families in need. This grant not only provides technology upgrades to our employees and partners, but has an impact on people’s lives, helping Habitat become closer to its mission of eliminating poverty housing form the face of the earth.”

Many of the products provided through this grant are the building blocks that will enable HFHI to enhance the communications infrastructure linking Regional Support Centers, affiliates – even vendor partners and interested media sources. MS Office, in conjunction with MS Exchange, will provide a more powerful means for HFHI offices to share information in the form of calendars, documents, and Web pages with those who have access to HFHI’s intra and extranets.

“This collaborative information sharing will enable HFHI employees and partners to seamlessly exchange files and update shared MS SQL databases so that multiple people can have an active role in the access and maintenance of HFHI databases, the creation of shareable documents and other media, scheduling events and meetings, and spreading information to the HFH community worldwide,” said Paul George, director of Information Services at HFHI.

Funded annually, Nonprofit Technology Leadership Grants (NTLG) provide large-scale contributions of software to nonprofit organizations that have offices in at least three states. The grant program is a central component of Microsoft’s mission to equip nonprofit organizations with technology solutions, enabling them to achieve increased operational efficiency, enhanced internal and external communications, and better program and s

Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian organization dedicated to eliminating poverty housing worldwide. Habitat brings together people with resources and people in need to build simple, decent, affordable houses. The homes are sold to those in need at no profit, through no-interest loans. Founded in 1976 by Millard Fuller along with his wife Linda, Habitat for Humanity has built more than 75,000 houses, providing shelter for more than 375,000 people worldwide. It has affiliates in every state of the United States and in 63 other countries around the world.